Value Builder

Your knowledge and expertise is useful to others. Perhaps you're a seasoned manager who's "seen it all." Or you're just out of school and know the latest technology. No matter what your level of experience, people are interested in what you have to say—especially when they are too busy to do the research themselves. Blogging is a great way to fill this need and build your brand, visibility, and credibility:

  • Subject matter expert
  • News publisher
  • Local resource
  • Storyteller
  • Expert on a company, group or team
  • Industry opinion leader
  • Scrap-booker / aggregator of content
  • Historian, who can tie current events to what has already taken place
  • Social connector, chit chat or water cooler conversation that can create buzz interest or identity

The internet allows you to contribute regardless of what level of expertise you have. You can be the expert with insight on industry trends, or you can be the one raising the interesting question for others to answer. You can add value by fostering discussion where everyone learns together—even when you don’t have all the answers. If there are issues where you can add value, or questions that need to be asked and answered, social media provides the platform.

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