Provider of Just in time information

You have information that changes regularly, and letting people know about it helps them – and you! For example, a gourmet coffee truck uses Twitter to tell people in nearby offices when the truck will be on their street. Or an insurance agency posts pictures of their new offices on Facebook. The value lies in getting information out to people quickly:

  • A job is available
  • A high demand product is on the shelves
  • A new special or new pricing is being offered
  • New services are available
  • A problem is resolved or a question is answered

No matter what your business, you should look for information that fits this profile. Whether it's a Friday dinner special or the availability of a new feature, getting timely information out to people helps them understand what you have to offer them—and make fast decisions! If you have information that fits this profile, social media is the ideal way to tell people about it.

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