Management Team

David SchleiferDavid Schleifer, Chief Executive Officer

David has held sales, marketing and support management roles at several technology companies. As vice president of Broadcast at Avid Technology, he managed the teams that delivered many award winning broadcast production products. David’s background at NBC, and ABC, as well as working in local radio and print, has also given him strong experience in mass communication, media, and marketing. Most recently, David served as vice president of Strategic Planning at Avid. He was responsible for tracking trends and changes in media and communications, and he started FYItag to build solutions for the very problems he was discovering.

James J. DempseyJames J. Dempsey, Chief Technology Officer

A graduate of MIT, James brings decades of software development experience to FYItag. James began his career at Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) where the Internet was born and the @ sign was first used in email addresses. At BBN he worked on the NU project implementing distributed network monitoring and control, the DesigNET expert-system for packet network design, the Cornerstone statistical data visualization environment and the BBN Internet Server. As Software Architect at startup InTouch Systems, James helped design and build Tel@GO, a voice-recognition based telephony personal assistant. As a Senior Software architect at Comverse, James worked in the Media Server group, designing and building Comverse's standards-based VoiceXML/CCXML high-throughput media server for delivering voice-controlled and DTMF-driven services in carrier networks.

Johnathon HowardJohnathon Howard, Co-Founder

Johnathon brings more than 15 years of experience in broadcast and high technology to FYItag. Most recently he was vice president of Business Development at ATEME, a startup developing video encoding technology. Johnathon and David met at Avid, where Johnathon was responsible for a design team focused on changing the workflow of broadcast production. The team launched several award winning products that helped change how broadcasters produce, deliver, and distribute news, both on-air and to the web.


FYItag is a Social Networking Platform designed to simplify social media.