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We just loaded a new version of FYItag with a lot of new features!

  • New Analytics module. The welcome screen now includes key information about your Social media efforts. If you have hidden the welcome screen just click on the FYItag logo in the software to bring it up!            
  1. Activity: See how much you are posting.
  2. Reach: How many people following you, how many  people you reach.
  3. Engagement: How many likes, comments or re-tweets.
  • Analytics email summary. We will start emailing you a summary of the posts you have scheduled to go out, and how well you are doing. To receive this email you have to make sure that you have not blocked email from, so please check your spam settings. You will also need to log in to the software at at least weekly, or be a paid subscriber. If you have a free account and are not active we will stop sending you these activity summaries.
  • Support for LinkedIn Groups. You can now select the LinkedIn groups that you belong to as targets that you can publish to and track just like every other social media asset you have. Go into system utilities and show / hide the LinkedIn groups you want to manage, and choose just how much you want to see your choices are none, no group posts, My posts, just what you post, or all. We do this because groups can generate a lot of posts and we want you to be able to control what you see.
  • Fixes to a whole bunch of issues like Twitter changing the length of URLs they create and other stuff we don't want you to worry about!

We think that tracking your progress with the Analytics features are a great way to see if you are meeting your goals and making progress, and you can export the data into excel too. The email summary will push out a lot of information to you on a regular basis. So you know when you need to log in and add posts, respond to people etc. I hope these features help you get the success you are looking for in your own business. We also expanded the multi-user functionality in FYItag to allow you to control security and permissions whether you are managing social media with a team of interns or experts. If you have any issues, please let us know right away.

David Schleifer, CEO


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