How can FYItag help you promote your business?

Social Media Marketing is electronic word of mouth advertising. It is the best way to get people talking about your product or service, but it can be hard to get started and to keep it going. You also need to manage what people in your company or department are saying to make sure you stay on message and in control of your brand. FYItag helps by simplifying the security, management, and scheduling all of your Social Media tasks. FYItag pulls all of your social media accounts together so you can manage them all the same way, schedule messages and respond to anyone anywhere from one software application.  Compare our plans and pricing.

Simplifying your day | Schedule driven posts

You can plan what to say when you have the time, and our calendar driven schedule will make sure your posts go out on all networks, on time.

If you know how to use the calendar on you desktop PC you will be comfortable using the calendar we have built into the FYItag application.  pick when you want the post to go out and fill in the simple form and you are all set. Our servers will deliver the post for you even if your machine is off-line.




Simplifying ideas | Customizable information feeds

Stay on top of what the industry is saying, what others are saying about you, or just on topics that spark your interest with RSS feeds.

It is very easy to set up custom searches in Google Alerts, and then have them show up here inside the FYItag software. Blogs from people you respect and other sources can help you stay on top of what is going on, and give you ideas when your creative juices need a little kick start.


Simplifying clutter | Organize information

You may be tracking several issues and topics using the same Twitter, Facebook, or other network pages, but we still let you organize your information the way you want to.

This is the only way to organize information across all the social media networks you use, into logical folders that you define. You don't have to remember where you posted something, when you can put it where you want to and keep control of what is going on. 




Simplifying follow up | Combined responses

There is no need to keep checking all of the different pages and sites you are trying to use in separate browsers and browser tabs. FYItag aggregates all of your posts and responses into one place. Find, engage and respond to your customers in one place at one time.

You will save a lot of time, and since you are only checking in one place you won't miss questions or responses on pages or networks you didn't get to. You will also see all of your posts and all of the "likes" and responses formatted the same way so you aren't constantly trying to figure out how to respond quickly and where to find comments and posts.



Simplifying success | Free 30 day trial

Try the software free for 30 days and get all of the help and support you will need to get started.



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