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Extending your reach with the FYItag TEAM solution Aug 23, 2012 07:23pm | by: admin | 0 comments | arrow FYItag Blog

Earlier, we talked about hiring professional writers. They can deliver expertise and good, quality content quickly for a price, and sometimes that is exactly what you need. Sometimes you recruit from your industry, and other times you bring in a writer, and spend the time to educate them on your subject matter, message and requirements. There are also times when you just need to outsource everything for a while. The calendar, the content, maybe even the customer responses. Wouldn’t it be great if you could still maintain some level of control and bring in all of the outside resources you needed without giving away the keys to all of your assets. The social media accounts that are a direct link to your customers and your prospects!

We are happy to announce TEAM,  our new multi-user workflow that includes review and approval for creative content in  a  secure environment. When you add an account to FYItag’s TEAM software you create a secure account based on the user’s email address and a password. This account never gains direct control of your social media assets so you never have to worry about how secure these resources are with your social media usernames and passwords. You can maintain control over approval permissions so you can give all content one quick check before it is “good to go.” Open up a part of your communications channel, or all of it, and you decide how much, and for how long .

The number of times we hear people say that “they are not quite sure how to get back in to manage their pages because someone who was helping them changed a password”  is reason enough for you to make sure that you add this level of security, this firewall between the people you need to contribute content for you, and the people who can manage, change and control your social media assets. If you think that the ability to reach your customers has value then shouldn’t you make sure that access and control are under lock and key?

We have all heard the stories of a disgruntled employee, or temporary worker who used the company’s communication channels to vent or get back at the company. There are countless examples of posts that went out and caused problems just because people didn’t know any better. Extending your team, whether internally or externally is first and foremost a security issue. Once you have security taken care of, then you can rely on the built in workflow features in FYItag’s TEAM software to help you maximize the relationships. The flexibility of our solution lets you bring on a freelancer for a week or day, lets you change agencies or outside contributors without ever worrying about losing control or giving away too much access. Our TEAM software is designed to help you maintain quality conversations using social media by leveraging all of the expertise you have, in a secure and controlled way.


David Schleifer


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