Client Testimonials

Nancy Clover: Owner of Occupational Health Connections

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. FYItag helped me think through my goals and what I wanted to achieve. It was incredibly easy and quick to get it up and going. It’s a very easy, seamless process.”

“Knowing that I needed to get into social media marketing, but not knowing how to start, was a huge stumbling block. FYItag made it extremely easy to understand and get started. I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved in such a short time.”

Per Sjofors – Founder, Managing Partner of Atenga

“When Atenga decided to reach out to our customers using social media we knew that maintaining our efforts over time would be our biggest challenge. FYItag makes that part easy.”

“We can plan out what we want to say on the calendar to make sure we are communicating efficiently, and FYItag gives us one place where we can manage all of our conversations across all the social media sites we use. It is a huge timesaver.”

Donna Schneider – Pillar Healthcare of Andover, LLC

“For the last 20 years I have reached people primarily through word of mouth and referrals. Using social media marketing has allowed me to translate that personal side of things to the internet.”

“I always found social media marketing intimidating and that it took too much time. If I don’t have an easy way of doing it, I won’t be doing it. When I tried to go into Facebook myself, I said ‘you have got to be kidding me.’ But then I learned about FYItag.”

“For me, social media marketing is not about connecting to people from grade or high school, it’s about helping people and letting them know what I do.”