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5 tips to keep your social media content flowing Sep 25, 2012 04:09pm | by: admin | 0 comments | arrow FYItag Blog

5 tips to keep your social media content flowing


 5 TipsYou know you need to do it, but you can’t get started! This can be the case with a lot of tasks you set out for yourself, and is often the case with Social Media. Since you need to post continuously, at a steady rate, there is no doubt that you will find times when you just can’t find the time or energy to tackle the task. Here are a few things you can do to help you over the hump:


  1. Create some evergreen content. In the news business evergreen stories are stories that can run at any time, they are not date or deadline specific. Broadcasters keep them around for slow news days, and you should do the same. Write some posts and keep them around for slow days or weeks. Sometimes when you just aren’t feeling it is better to give yourself a break to get refreshed.
  2. Use a calendar! One of the first features we tackled was calendar based posting. The reason wasn’t so that we could create some autobot based impersonal posting machine, but rather so that you could focus on content when you felt creative, and space it out in consumable byte/bite sized pieces for your audience. The calendar lets you schedule reminders, build up to an event, or even create suspense around an announcement, all of which lets you get more out of your news.
  3. Know where to go when you need content. If you are looking for something to say and your mind is going blank you should already know what sites you want to visit, who’s posts you might want to share or re-tweet, etc. A great idea is to set up google alerts and RSS feeds, all of which can show up in your FYItag RSS reader, so that you can browse through what everyone else is saying either for ideas, or content you can recommend to your audience.
  4. Work with others. There is no reason you need to do this alone, collaborate with like minded people, or spread the load around within your company or organization. Our most recent features are focused on helping you do this in a secure managed environment, but regardless of what tools you are using reach out to people and ask them for their ideas and opinions.
  5. Coffee, exercise or a conversation. Sometimes what you need is a change of scenery, a pick me up, a conversation with a customer. Sometimes all you need to do is break the routine. Get out of the office, talk to a customer or a colleague, go for a walk or a run. You might find that new ideas will show up right when you stop focusing on them so hard, and instead focus on your overall state of mind.

Do you have anything you do or use to “get going” when you just can’t seem to focus? if so let us know!


David Schleifer, CEO FYItag, Inc.

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